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President's Blog

President's Blog

I thank all the members for reposing faith in my capabilities and entrusting me with responsibility of heading the Club, for this year.

 I recall my joining this club, as a charter member in 2006, almost six years back, one thing that struck me was the boundless enthusiasm and energy of the members. I learnt that, if Rotary  as a concept has to succeed, this energy and enthusiasm has to be preserved and nurtured.

 As all of you know, we had row of successful Presidents, each one a legend in his own way. I do not have to tell here the achievements of our club under their leadership, because entire Dist. 3131 has recognized these time and again. Whether it is, eye donation under Jeetu’s leadership or the Kargil martyrs event, which Sanjeev had organized or the recent cataract operation camp, under Bittu’s leadership, which was blessed by none other than, Rotary International president Kalyan Banerjee.

We have crossed many milestones which are shining examples of Rotary in action.

 I plan to continue the work done by my predecessors. I know that they have set  great targets, bold targets for them, and have achieved them.

I intend to involve all Rotarians and Anns in making our club more dynamic. To do so, I am sure I will get all the support from our members and District officials.

 I will spell out 3 areas, which are in my view, priorities for our club.

 1.         FIRSTLY, Assimilation of members and Anns in all activities. Our Admin Directors has lot of ideas about achieving this aim and you will hear from them soon.   

Surely, We want more participation of Anns in planning and executing family nights.

 2.         secondly, Communication should be freely flowing from and to the board about all discussions. I plan to open up more ways to communicate much more frequently than what is happening now.

 3.         and lastly,  I would encourage each and every member to volunteer for some committee work so that we are more dynamic.  Rotarians are leaders in their own profession or vocation and are expected to demonstrate their skills by taking some responsibility, as a chair person or as a member in some committee.

 We have already started working on these initiatives and I am sure you will see some of these taking shape soon.

 By doing all these we will plan and execute projects as per R I Thrust areas, district and club projects more effectively.

 Lastly, I wish to conclude by quoting our Rotary international president Sakuji Tanaka’s beautiful statement, that “Peace starts from within, and service to humanity is the path, to achieve it”.  So let’s join hands, more firmly, for Peace Through Service”.